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For the price of One Broadway Ticket, you and a guest can enjoy 365 days of Theater and Entertainment.

Ticket Distribution / Pickup

As a member, you must NOT reach out to the Box Office or venue location directly. Please email us at with any questions or comments.

Members must follow the pick-up instructions on their ticket voucher.

Tickets are distributed by the venue’s box office and on occasion off-site by a Theater Extras representative.

If the pick-up is an off-site location, the Theater Extras representative will be wearing a TE badge and have a stack of envelopes in their hands. It should be obvious who they are. Most off-site pick-ups are within a block or two of the venue.

Theater Extras reserves the right to distribute complimentary tickets as we determine best.

Our entertainment partners, promoters, and venues reserve the right to change or withdraw their complimentary offers at any time.

Event cancellations or changes to an event offer are at the discretion of the promoter/venue and, although rare, are beyond our control.

In the event that a reservation is not honored or an event is canceled, we will refund your processing fees.

If the event is canceled once you arrive at the venue, we will refund your processing fees and add $10 in courtesy credits to your account.

If you need special seating at a venue, you MUST notify us 24 hours in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Members must be discreet!! Please do not discuss Theater Extras at or around the venue. We do not want to hinder the venue’s ability to sell full-price tickets.