Become a Member of Theater Extras

Your resource for complimentary tickets to the performing arts in New York and Los Angeles.

For the price of One Broadway Ticket, you and a guest can enjoy 365 days of Theater and Entertainment.

Rules and Regulations

Memberships can be terminated by Theater Extras due to a violation of any of these rules and regulations without a refund.

Members must pick up the tickets at the box office or other designated pick-up locations at the assigned time. You are not allowed to gift/give/sell tickets.

You must pick up your tickets at the assigned time. Please note that when a venue asks for a pickup 30 minutes before showtime, we expect you to arrive 30 minutes before, no later. The box office has every right to decline your request for tickets if you arrive late.

Members must bring photo ID to all pickups.

Tickets are distributed in the orchestra, loge, mezzanine, and balcony at the discretion of the box office and should not be challenged or questioned.

The resale of tickets is strictly prohibited by law and will result in immediate revocation of membership without a refund.

Should a theater or venue be unable to honor a Theater Extras reservation, we ask members to fully cooperate with the theater and directly inform the TE office. We will immediately credit your processing fees and we will add $10 in courtesy credits to your account.

Members must not contact the box office directly about a TE reservation. If you have questions about your reservation, please contact Theater Extras at

Members must be discreet! NEVER discuss Theater Extras at a box office or inside a theater or venue. TE members receive complimentary tickets, while others pay full-price or a discounted rate, which is far more than the $5 TE processing fee. The theaters rely on sales to keep their productions running.

All Theater Extras members must dress appropriately and conduct themselves as if they were regular ticket buyers. Theater Extras personnel and venue management reserve the right to refuse tickets for inappropriate dress or conduct before and during a show, which may result in membership being revoked without a refund.

The number of available tickets is limited and subject to availability.

Members must be at least 18 years of age.

Theater Extras memberships are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Offerings are available to Theater Extras members ONLY. The member's name which appears on the reservation manifest is the person who must show Photo ID and collect their tickets at the designated pickup location.