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For Producers & Venues

Greetings from Theater Extras! We are a complimentary web-based theatrical papering service catering to the entertainment community. We put bodies in seats, and we do it well. We have offices in New York and Los Angeles and cater to both cities and their surrounding counties.

Here is how it works: If you have a show, concert or event, email us a synopsis, dates, times and number of tickets you wish to allocate to TE, and we'll do the rest. A reservation list can be emailed to you anywhere between 3–96 hours prior to show time.

Theater Extras will paper your house with responsible, dependable members who understand the value of a complimentary ticket. If our members don't show up, they get penalized, two no-shows and their membership is terminated. Our members are instructed to spread good word of mouth on all shows they see to their friends and co-workers, hopefully leading to an increase in ticket sales for your production.

We look forward to working with you whenever you need us.

How to list a show with us:

Call or email us with:

  • Name of show
  • Show description or press quotes
  • Theater name and address
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Running time of show
  • Intermission?
  • Dates and times of show
  • Number of tickets allocated to
  • Reservation fax number and email address
  • Show web address
  • Where and when our members should pick up their tickets? (standard is box office 30 minutes prior to start of performance).
  • What time do you want the reservation list emailed to you (standard is 3 hours prior to performance).
  • Please attach a jpg or gif file of your show or company logo if you would like us to include it in your posting.


Phone: (833) 439-8727

Thanks for getting to know us!