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For the price of One Broadway Ticket, you and a guest can enjoy 365 days of Theater and Entertainment.

Membership Fees, Penalties, & Referrals

The cost of an annual Theater Extras membership is $99 for a Marquis Plan (2 tickets) and $175 for a Premier Plan (4 tickets).

Members are entitled to see as many different performances/productions as they like. Members are entitled to see a show ONLY ONCE unless otherwise approved by the main office. You cannot break up ticket quantities over a few performances. If you have a two-ticket plan, you can order up to 2 tickets at one time for a specific show, you cannot split them into 2 single tickets for 2 different performances. If you would like to see a show more than one time, please email us at

Members failing to pick up tickets will not be issued refunds and will be penalized $25.00 per ticket. If you cancel a reservation with less than seven hours until showtime, you will be charged a $15.00 per ticket penalty. If you cancel tickets to a show within three hours of curtain, you will be charged a $20.00 per ticket penalty.

For each ticket reserved, members are required to pay a service fee of $5.00 per ticket. These fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless a show is canceled.

On occasion, discounted tickets will be offered for select sporting events. The discounted price will include the Theater Extras processing fee. These fees are non-refundable; however, you can transfer sports tickets to another party.

If you would like more tickets than your plan allows, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

There is a 20-day money-back guarantee from the date you register with Theater Extras. To cancel your membership, you must email us at Cancellation of membership will result in a full refund less a $25.00 cancellation fee. This is provided that the service has not been used.

Theater Extras will automatically renew your membership and charge the appropriate fee to your account credit card on the membership anniversary date. Members are entitled to cancel their membership prior to renewal via email at Members can also cancel auto-renewal by going to My Account, then clicking on Membership, then clicking to Turn Off Auto Renew.

You can upgrade your membership from a two-ticket Marquis to a four-ticket Premier at any time by clicking on My Account and choosing Membership from the drop-down menu. There you will be able to Upgrade Now in the Premier box and the annual membership fee will be pro-rated based on time left until your renewal.

Introductory offers for first-time members may be offered from time to time. These introductory offers are not eligible to be applied toward membership renewal.

Theater Extras strongly recommends adding and to your email contact list to ensure receipt of reservation emails, reminder emails, show cancellation emails, and our regular event alerts. By whitelisting these emails, you can be assured of receiving important information pertaining to an order or general information from Theater Extras.

Referral Program: For each person you refer to Theater Extras you will receive a $20.00 account credit to use towards future ticket service charges, essentially, 4 free tickets. In order to receive the free credit, your referral must enter your email address in the referral box on the join page before submitting their registration.