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Terms & Conditions

  2. Theater Extras will automatically renew your membership and charge the appropriate fee to your account credit card on the membership anniversary date. Members are entitled to cancel their membership prior to renewal date via e-mail or regular mail.
  3. Theater Extras is a seat-filling organization only. We do not sell tickets.
  4. The number of available memberships is limited and subject to availability.
  5. The number of available tickets is limited and subject to availability.
  6. All Theater Extras members must dress appropriately and conduct themselves as if they were regular ticket purchasers. Theater Extras personnel and venue management reserves the right to refuse tickets for inappropriate dress or conduct before and during a show and may have their membership immediately revoked without refund.
  7. Theater Extras members who reserve tickets must personally pick up their tickets at the box office or designated area, unless otherwise noted. Offerings are available to Theater Extras members only. Theater Extras memberships are non-transferable. Misuse of membership will result in immediate cancellation of membership without refund.
  8. Members failing to pick up tickets will not be issued refunds and will be penalized $25.00 per ticket. If you cancel a reservation with less than seven hours until showtime, or 12 hours on weekends, you will be charged a $15.00 per ticket penalty. If you cancel tickets to a show with less than three hours to go until showtime, you will be charged a $20.00 per ticket cancellation penalty.
  9. Tickets are distributed in the orchestra, loge, mezzanine and balcony at the discretion of the box office manager, and should not be challenged. If you have any questions regarding seating, please call us at (833) 439-8727.
  10. Members must claim their tickets at least 30 minutes before show time, and sometimes up to 90 minutes before a production starts. There will be no refunds or credit for lateness. Under all circumstances, ticket distribution is at the discretion of the box office, venue producer or manager.
  11. Should a theater or venue be unable to honor a Theater Extras ticket reservation, we ask members to fully cooperate with the theater and directly inform TE immediately. We will immediately credit your account and you will be entitled to receive 2 tickets without a reservation fee.
  12. If you fail to pick up tickets for a reserved performance without prior notification, your credit card will be assessed a $25.00 per ticket penalty. ALL PROCESSING FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless the show is cancelled.
  13. Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited by law and will result in immediate revocation of membership without a refund.
  14. Theater Extras is not responsible for any injury or accident that occurs at the theater or venue for which tickets were issued. Any incident should be reported directly to the venue manager immediately.
  15. Members must never discuss Theater Extras at a box office or inside a theater or venue. Remember Theater Extras members are receiving complimentary tickets. Other people are paying full-price or close to face value. The theaters rely on full priced tickets to keep their productions running.
  16. The membership fees currently being charged are subject to increase at the discretion of Theater Extras management.
  17. Each time an order is placed, a reservation fee of $4.50 per ticket is automatically charged to the member's credit card on file.
  18. There is a 20-day money back guarantee from the date you register with Theater Extras. To cancel your membership you must e-mail us at Cancellation of membership will result in a full refund less a $25.00 cancellation fee. This is provided that the service has not been used.
  19. Receiving a complimentary ticket is a privilege, not entitlement.