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What is Theater Extras?

Theater Extras is a Seat Filling Audience Development organization. Theater Extras arranges complimentary and discounted tickets for its members when a performance or event is in previews, under publicized, expecting the attendance of reviewers or celebrities, or would like the benefits of a full house. Tickets to events and performances range from previews to opening nights to performances throughout a show's run.

Theater Extras was created by a team of professionals with a combined 75 years in the theater and entertainment business. Theater Extras benefits the performing arts in four distinct manners:

  • We screen for responsible and dependable members to fill an empty seat when a producer or venue manager needs extra people in the audience.
  • We distribute complimentary tickets to help theater producers and venue managers develop future audiences.
  • We encourage all members to write reviews of the productions they attend, which are then posted on the Theater Extras site.
  • We encourage all members to help spread good word of mouth on the events they attend via social media platforms without mentioning that they got their tickets from Theater Extras.
Theater Extras has created a system to Paper or Dress The House that is offered gratis to theater producers, theater companies, venue owners, stadiums, and others. Our service benefits the Performing Arts Community and our members.

Theater Extras offers complimentary and discounted tickets to a wide range of entertainment in the New York tri-state area as well as in Los Angeles and its surrounding counties. This includes:

  • Broadway
  • Off-Broadway
  • Off-Off Broadway
  • Regional Theater
  • Children's Events
  • Movie Previews
  • Cabaret
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Opera
  • Classical Music
  • Dance
  • Museums
  • Exhibits
  • Lectures
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events

As a Theater Extras member you get to choose from thousands of different events a year Act now to become part of this elite group of theatergoers. Click here to join and follow the simple instructions to enter the wonderful world of theater and other great entertainment.

Theater Extras is designed to keep a low profile so that we are not in competition with box office sales, discount ticket outlets or any fund that supports the arts. Our members have important responsibilities, outlined in the Terms and Conditions on this web site. Among them is to be aware that receiving a complimentary ticket is a privilege, not entitlement.

You can reach us at (833) 439-8727, Monday through Friday during normal business hours or email us at