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Theater Extras is looking for responsible and enthusiastic members who will truly enjoy a variety of entertainment choices. If you are looking for one or two specific events and require specific seating, then this membership is probably not for you.

If you only want to attend Broadway shows, then this membership might not be to your liking. We do get Broadway shows now and then, but most of the offers are not on Broadway. However, given the face value of tickets for a variety of performing arts, you will see Incredible value by using the site 1-2 times per year.

Our members can see a show every day of the week if they would like. The more popular shows we post tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend checking the website multiple times per day.

If we see that you have not ordered tickets in a few months, we will send you an Advance Notice Email regarding the posting of any upcoming High-demand shows. This will give you a heads-up so you can plan to log on to the site at that time.